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Questions and Answers

Truths and Fallacies!

(Proven by Right View Pro and What the Professionals do and have done for years!)

Q: Do any professional hitters or anyone that hits the ball well "Squash the Bug" when swinging the bat?


     A: NO

All of our weight is transferred and driven into the front foot. At the point of contact there is no weight on the back foot.  Shown in this 4 View Snapshot, some of the professional players actually have there back foot off of the ground! 

See the Ball Hit the Ball
See the Ball Hit the Ball

Swing down, hit the top half of the ball!!  

Q:  Do any professional hitters or anyone that hits the ball well Swing Down on the ball?


     A: NO


All professional baseball players and good hitters swing on the plane of the ball!  They all work very hard beginning at barrel lag to stay on the plane and in a big zone for as long as possible. This allows rooms for error. When swinging down there is not room for error as the bat is only on the plane for a very short time.

Q: Is the swing Linear or Rotational?

  A: Both

As seen in the Film strip of the beginning of the swing. The first three pictures prove a Linear Positive Move toward the pitcher, and some time between the toe touching and the heel planting rotation begins! 

See the Ball Hit the Ball
See the Ball Hit the Ball

Q: Do all professional baseball players swing the same?

  A: Yes Virtually

It is amazing how professional baseball players all come from different walks of life.  They had different coaches and coaching styles, but yet they have all found the same formula for success. Every good hitters- Stance and Negative move are different, but once they work to this position (Toe Touch or Ready position) they all virtually have the same swing until they get fully extended! 

Extend  your arms!!


A:  Do the arms get fully extended at contact?

   A: NO

At contact the elbows still have flex, when our hands work to the front of our center of gravity, they are released to and through contact to our full extension! Hence the term "short to the ball/Long through the ball!"

See the Ball Hit the Ball
See the Ball Hit the Ball

Get your elbow up!


Q:  Does the elbow have to be "up" in the stance? 

   A: No


It doesn't matter where the elbow is in the stance. Shown in this four view, every pro and good hitter have a different stance.  This is part of the there individual style. What matters is how efficiently we can get to our Ready-Toe Touch position with timing, while generating force. If the stance hinders getting to this position, then, the stance should be changed.

Stop Dipping!!


Q:  Do the shoulders dip? 

   A: Yes

As shown in this four view all of the pros have tilt or dip in the shoulders.  When the rotation begins, the elbow works into a slot.  As the elbow works in its slot the shoulders follow.  If the hands work down at Toe Touch then around, that would be the definition of dipping.  But, it is important to let all hitters know, it is "ok" for the shoulder to tilt.  This allows for a pathway for the hands!   

See the Ball Hit the Ball
Watch Now

Q:  Do we let the outside pitch travel deep? 

   A: No

We contact every pitch out in front!

The angle of the elbow and wrist or released a litter earlier and the head of the bat is released out in front on the outside pitch!   

Q: Has the swing changed through time?    


A: No

As shown in the comparison between Mantle and Ichiro, their swings are virtually the same.  In their preparation to swing they have some differences, but prior to swinging, when they get to the Toe Touch Position they are virtually the same until they get to full extension.  What has changed in the swing is how coaches and instructors think the swing works?  It is absolutely incredible that all good hitters have found the same formula for success.  Over the years, I have witnessed many different theories on how coaches think the swing works, but ultimately all good hitters have never wavered from this formula!! 

See the Ball Hit the Ball
See the Ball Hit the Ball
See the Ball Hit the Ball