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See the Ball Hit the Ball

Portal Only Access (POA)

Do it yourself!

Learn how to swing like a Pro with knowledge from your own private portal!

Hours of Video Access of Pro Swings and Instruction! Portal Access includes, incredible baseball knowledge and hitting information.  You will receive incredible knowledge of the truth of the swing and "How the swing works!"  You will have access to hundreds of pro swings, Video Lessons of the Pros and drills which will get your swing to the next level. You will also have the ability to upload your own swing using your mobile device and compare it to a Pro! Learn how the pros have found the formula for success! Un-Veil the Truth of the swing. After The Set Up of your account an invoice will be sent, with a link to pay. After the invoice is paid, POA access will be granted.  POA does not offer Online Video Hitting Analysis.  This Monthly Portal Only Access is priceless, sign up now and obtain monthly access. Your Choice 1, 3 or 6 Month Access!

During portal access all Online Video Analysis receive a 15% discount!

1 Month POA


3 Month POA


6 Month POA


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See the Ball Hit the Ball

Swing by Swing

Online Video Hitting Analysis

30 Minutes


Online Video Hitting 


Online Video Hitting Analysis includes limited use to your own private portal. After the set up of your account an invoice will be sent, with a link to pay. Import your cage or game day swing using your mobile device! This portal will be your home for your online video lessons.  The swing will be analyzed using Right View Pro, then uploaded to your private portal for viewing! An average Analysis is 30 Minutes. I take plenty quality time to analyze the swing before video upload.

Please note: The time I use to study the swing prior to the analysis is deducted from the analysis. I am very fair and honest with my time management!

Note: The cost is per Analysis and not per Swing Upload. Example: An Analysis may only take 10 minute so the player will have another 20 minutes or so, on the same $32.99 payment.