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See the Ball Hit the Ball Coach Chris

Chris Simon

Hitting Instructor

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Coach Chris 

I have been a hitting instructor for over 25 years.  A student of the Game of Baseball, I began coaching at the age of 20 after my playing time ended.  Because of my "Love of the Game" and "Knowledge of the Game",  request for individual hitting instruction were apparent.  For a few years I instructed on "How I thought the swing worked."  After much travel and hearing different versions of how other coaches thought the swing worked, I came up with the idea to video tape myself. Realizing my success at the plate, this seemed to be the best option for finding the truth of the swing.  With so many different coaching styles and theories of how the swing worked, finding the truth was difficult. I was determined to find the truth of "How the swing works?".... Instead of the thought process of "This is how I think the swing works?" After endless hours of studying my own swing, I was able to get a grand knowledge of the swings power, efficiency, how the body moves, how the swing is effortless, and how to be successful at the plate.  This approach was extremely successful with my players! However, in 2007, I was honored to meet Don Slaught. With the same vision, Don had designed a program that taught, "How the swing works!" By purchasing the rights to MLB, Don is able to video tape the Pros in action.  The swing is broken down into 12 fundamental steps.  With amazement, it was now available to see how all of the good hitters virtually have the same movements from a specific point in the swing. My search for the truth was now solidified with the use of Right View Pro!


With the latest upgrades and players access to I am able to view swings from my players "on the fly".   My players are able to use there own device to video tape their swing and upload it to their own portal for my viewing.  Once the swing is uploaded to I am able to view, analyze and upload the analysis back to their portal for the players viewing.  While he/she is in the cages he/she is able to make adjustments, video a new swing and upload to the portal once again for my viewing. 

By, filling out the form on the Sign Up page we will be able to begin our online video analysis journey together!!    

"Learning Life Through the Game of Baseball"

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